[Freeswitch-users] cdr fields

Nazim Aghabayov nazim.aghabayov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 00:42:50 MSK 2011

I'm using mod_xml_cdr and xmlcdrd: http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Xmlcdrd .
You would not get the differences with it, because it's parsing the 
"standard" cdr.
Xmlcdrd finds necessary fields inside the cdr given the Xpath expression 
and then packs these fields into a radius stop packet.
Optionally, fields could be inserted into a mysql table or fed to a Lua 
At the moment I'm using it in production and it works fine for me.
That's not the answer for your question, just a workaround which may (or 
may not) help.


On 02/20/2011 04:30 AM, Serge Yuriev wrote:
> Hello,
> Anyone?
> 09.02.2011, 01:00, "Serge Yuriev"<me at nevian.org>:
>> Hello
>> I noticed difference in cause codes written in csv CDR and RADIUS. Perhaps I need to change something in template?
>> Current template is
>> <template name="lanbilling">
>> ${direction},${sip_network_ip},${user_name},${caller_id_number},${destination_number},${start_stamp},${answer_stamp},${end_stamp},${billsec},${hangup_cause_q850},${hangup_cause},${uuid},${bleg_uuid},${accountcode},${read_codec},${write_codec}
>> </template>
>> This writes
>> inbound,,nevian,nevian,79645835822,2011-02-09 00:18:52,,2011-02-09 00:20:00,0,16,NORMAL_CLEARING,a4da79c4-5356-43b8-894b-78627fb5e243,,nevian,G729,G729
>> As you can see cause is 16 but in RADiUS is 27 and it's more accurate
>> In mod_radius_cdr cause got from switch_channel_get_cause(channel)
>> Please advice.
>> --
>> wbr,
>> Serge

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