[Freeswitch-users] newbies is stuck / windows version of freeswitch won't start up after reboot

Edward de Jong edward.dejong at voicecarrier.com
Sat Feb 19 11:04:21 MSK 2011

I installed Freeswitch (by downloading the .EXE version for windows x64) and was running it okay on Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit edition, but after a restart, when I try to run fs_cli it gives me a socket error and fails.  I am not really running anything else much on my machine, and i figure somehow that port has gotten blocked. I turned off windows firewall, but still it won't run, i can't figure out why it was running so well, but now on a clean restart it won't start up.

I didn't install it as a startup program, I was manually running fs_cli and freeswitchconsole, which are the two freeswitch programs, yes?  

thanks in advance.


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