[Freeswitch-users] bridging?

Neil Patel neilp at cs.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 16 21:33:57 MSK 2011

Hi Folks, newbie question:

I have a simple dialplan that takes calls to an extension and executes a lua

*<extension name="incoming">*
*        <condition field="destination_number" expression="^7777$">*
*            <action application="lua" data="lua/app.lua" />*
*        </condition>*
* </extension>*

>From the same extension I am initiating calls from FS to endpoints and
executing another lua app. What I want to do is connect (bridge?) those
outbound calls to app.lua. From FS perspective this call should now look
like it was initiated by the caller to 7777.

Is this what call bridging is? What commands/wiki page should I be looking
at to do this?

Thanks in advance,
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