[Freeswitch-users] How to set up a DTMF callback in C or C#?

Kris kris at livecall.com
Sat Feb 12 11:32:54 MSK 2011

 I'll try to put it on the list again.

I don't use any of those functions, but there is a way to do it somehow with 
delegates(the C# pointers). I use the API like this. I don't know much..3 
months ago I didn't know anything about C# or FreeSwitch. Just have to read 
and try things since there aren't many C# examples out there.

           FreeSWITCH.Native.Api fsApi = new FreeSWITCH.Native.Api();

                                                        string filename;

                                                        filename = 
ev_all.GetHeader("Caller-Unique-ID") + " start " + filename + " 10 mux");

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Thanks for your reply earlier, it works.
For some reason, I can not reply the thread so I send you this
message privately.

Since you might know about using C# w/ FreeSwitch, I might ask you this:

1) If I want to use the Media bugs, how can I do this in C#? I see a
method that I want to use in swig.cs: "switch_core_media_bug_add", but what 
the parameters for the call back function?

>From the definition in switch_types.h:
switch_bool_t (*switch_media_bug_callback_t) (switch_media_bug_t *, void *,

but what is it in C# since it does not have pointers?

2) I see that some functions have type like this "SWIGTYPE_p_p_ ..." (for
example: SWIGTYPE_p_p_switch) , do these type really work (expecially for 
pointer to pointer type in C/C++)? I tried to call:
"switch_core_session_read_frame(SWIGTYPE_p_switch_core_session session,
SWIGTYPE_p_p_switch_frame frame, uint flags, int stream_id) "

but seem like when I pass in a variable for frame, when the program gets to
freeswitch_wrap.cxx side, it lost its frame's memory address/place holder. 
Am I
doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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