[Freeswitch-users] Aastra phone registration lost

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Fri Feb 11 20:54:22 MSK 2011


I normally administer about 300 Aastra phones, with every model they 
make represented.

I have 22 connected to our Freeswitch "beta" system, which will 
eventually become production.

All the endpoints are behind NAT without exception.  There are a number 
of legacy 9133i and 480i phones on the network that don't have the newer 
NAT traversal features available, but this doesn't seem to be a 
problem.  I have some of the nat traversal options turned on in the 
sofia profile though, so fs will send media back to the originating 
address and port.

They have been quite reliable, and the sound quality has been excellent, 
with the newer phones using g722 at 16KHz.

There are a few advanced features that I haven't had a chance to play 
with yet, but here's what I have working:

Regular calls, in and out.
Intercom calls (auto-answer to speaker phone)
Automatic update of destination name and number (updates when checking 
voice mail, and when calling an extension).  Only on newer phones
Blind and attended transfer
Music on hold
SIP using udp or tcp (haven't tried TLS yet)
Fewer issues with DTMF than with asterisk, using rfc2833 dtmf (no issues 
as of yet).
BLF lamps work correctly, flashing when the phone rings, lit steady when 
they are on the phone.
Distinctive ringing works.
I haven't tried SLA yet, but Aastra recently released a firmware update 
that fixes a missing header, reported to have broken correct SLA 
operation.  I'm hoping to test that in the next week or two.

The phones provision very nicely - we auto generate config using PHP 
scripts that generate a config file on the fly from the user database.  
These are very easy phones to deploy in large installations, or to the 
outside world (not readily accessible).  They have just added some new 
features that allow for remote diagnostics of the phones as well.

There is a great deal of XML programmability in the phones too, which 
I'm starting to use for call control and other useful things (updating 
forwarding rules in the database, or conference and recording control 
using ESL).

Hope that helps!


Aloysius Lloyd wrote:
> Tim,
> Can you share your success stories FreeSWITCH and Aastra.
> Aastra Phones Behind the NAT?
> In my case Aastra phones registration not a problem. 
> But calls drooped every 60 sec ... in the same environment Linksys and 
> Polycom works perfectly.
> How stable the Aastra phones with FreeSWITCH system.
> Lloyd

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