[Freeswitch-users] Vestec Speech Engine: Large Vocabulary

Kashif Kahn kahn at vestec.com
Thu Feb 10 23:14:27 MSK 2011

Hello Everyone,

Vestec recently launched a large vocabulary speech engine for 
"command-and-control" type IVR applications. The new engine - called 
Tier-2 - supports a vocabulary size of 2,500 keywords per recognition 
and complements our existing Tier-1 engine that has a 500 keywords 
vocabulary size. Tier-2 retails for $199 per port (ie. channel) while 
Tier-1 is priced at $99 per port. Acoustic models needs to be licensed 
separately at $9.99 per language.

Our ASR is designed for keywords-based interaction and offers the best 
deal around for speech enabling a wide variety of IVR applications, 
including DTMF menus and multi-step business processes. The speech 
engine is standards based in terms of grammar writing format and 
platform integration protocols. We support SRGS grammar (ABNF & XML) as 
well as MRCP integration (v1 & v2). In addition, we offer a highly 
scalable architecture that is capable of supporting thousands of ports 
in an efficient manner.

A starter kit - comprising a specially priced perpetual license for a 
full-function, full-feature standard ASR engine - is available for $25. 
Please visit Vestec webstore at: http://www.vestec.com/products



Kashif Kahn
VP Business Development
Vestec Inc
Waterloo, ON Canada
phone: +1 519 885-7615

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