[Freeswitch-users] can't email voicemail messages

Roger Young ryoung at strongholdwax.com
Thu Feb 10 21:16:18 MSK 2011

Outbound mail is rejected because the "from" address is 
"1000 at localcomputername".  Voicemail messages are sent using the 
sendmail command.  The mailer is actually postfix.  I have set 
vm_mailfrom and email_from both to "workingmail at realdomain.com" both in 
conf/directory/default/1000.xml and 
conf/autoload_configs/voicemail.conf.xml.  I have changed the 
voicemail.tpl so it has the literal, correct sender address.  I have 
tried to change the "mailer-app-args" in 
conf/autoload_confings/switch.conf.xml to include a " -f 
workingmail at realdomain.com ".  All of this is ignored, and 
"1000 at computername" appears as the from address in the rejection 
notices.  Can anybody point me to the correct way to set the "from" 
address so it is actually applied to outbound emails?  The sendmail 
command works fine from the command line.

This is my first post.  Let me know if I am not following the rules.

Roger Young

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