[Freeswitch-users] Best way to implement real-time ivr from mysql

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Thu Feb 10 05:09:21 MSK 2011

Actually, no.

I was using the lua odbc library that I installed from a package.  I 
didn't know about Dbh()  That might solve some problems, as I don't 
really have any issues with Freeswitch using ODBC for core and things 
like voicemail.  It's only when I want to interact with it from a script 
that it's a problem.

xml_curl is working very nicely for routing, directory, and config, but 
this may be a better solution for things like IVR and other more 
complicated features.



David Ponzone wrote:
> Tim,
> which ODBC is that ? the one integrated in FreeSWITCH that you can 
> call from LUA with freeswitch.Dbh() ?
> I would say that solving those issues would be a better way to achieve 
> this, for you and for everyone around.
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> Le 09/02/2011 à 17:56, Tim St. Pierre a écrit :
>> Hello list,
>> I'm trying to implement a flexible, but easy to administer IVR system
>> for our multi-tenant PBX.
>> My goal is to be able to build a flexible auto-attendent scheme for
>> incoming calls, based on data in a mysql database.
>> The functionality I need is:
>>    -Different options based on time of day
>>    -Playback of 1-2 audio files while listening for digits (Thank you
>> for calling abc company)
>>    -Single digit options set some variables, then transfer to a defined
>> extension (press 1 for sales)
>>    -Multi-digit options are checked against a pattern, then a transfer
>> is executed (enter the extension now ...)
>> Not very complicated, I know, but making it scale is tricky.
>> I have tried LUA, but LuaSQL has issues.  Even using ODBC, I still get
>> memory leaks and random errors with file handles etc.
>> For the most part, I haven't had any issues with xml_curl getting config
>> from another server that generates it with PHP.  I'm exploring this, but
>> it looks like I'll have to implement the following logic:
>>    -Call comes in, and a dialplan is returned that plays the greetings,
>> sets some variables, and does a play_and_get_digits, followed by a
>> transfer back to the dialplan, so we can figure out what to do based on
>> the digits.
>>    -The callback to the dialplan evaluates the dtmf presented, and
>> decides what action to take, returning that in another dialplan piece.
>> I think this could work. but it means that a dialplan lookup has to be
>> done each time someone makes a selection.
>> Is there a better way, or does that make the most sense?
>> Thanks!
>> -Tim
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