[Freeswitch-users] How to dial a remote_skypename from a telephone keypad?

Dmitry Bely dmitry.bely at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:22:29 MSK 2011

I was thinking of the following scheme. As we all know there is
correspondence between digits and letters on the phone's numeric

1 -
2 - abc
3 - def
4 - ghi
5 - jkl
6 - mno
7 - pqrs
8 - tuv
9 - wxyz
0 -

What if we would encode letters the following way:

a - 2
b - 22
c - 222
d - 3
e - 33
f - 333

And so on. I.e. a letter is encoded with a digit written on the
appropriate button repeated so many times as is the letter's serial
number on the button. It's very similar to what is used in mobile
phones to type alphabetic info. Remaining important symbols can also
be encoded with same method by digit 1 (as also done in mobile

1 - .,-

but actually they are rarely needed.

# button can be used to start encoding sequence and ## is to end it.
So e.g. giovanni334 is be encoded as


or even

#4#444666888266#66444##334 (if digit changes we know that another
character is started. Thus # prefix can be safely omitted)

Then all we would need is a very simple decoder on the
freeswitch/skypopen side. Just an idea...

- Dmitry Bely

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