[Freeswitch-users] Overriding 480 with 200 from other leg

Peder peder at networkoblivion.com
Wed Feb 9 04:29:07 MSK 2011

>What is the hangup cause for the blegs from the CDRs?

All 3 legs show " NORMAL_CLEARING".

>Can you get debug logs and a siptrace for the call?

I had some debug logs on the first message.  It started where it hangs up
the first b-leg and then shows that it bridges another b-leg because of the
480 message.  And as I stated before, the first b-leg was fine and the call
was up for 5+ minutes.  One user hung up, but the call didn't drop
completely, it continued on in the dial plan and bridged another b-leg.

>I'm guessing the bleg is returning an error cause in the reason header, or
there's a codec problem which the log would probably show.

I don't think that is it as the first 2 legs work fine.  The problem is when
the first b leg hangs up, sometimes (maybe 1 in 20), it continues on and
bridges a second b-leg to the a-leg.  Any codec negotiation should be long

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