[Freeswitch-users] destination number variable

Serge Yuriev me at nevian.org
Wed Feb 9 01:17:02 MSK 2011


In INFO app after call i see (shortened for readability)
2011-02-09 00:20:00.824547 [INFO] mod_dptools.c:1202 CHANNEL_DATA:
Caller-Direction: [inbound]
Caller-Username: [nevian]
Caller-Dialplan: [XML]
Caller-Caller-ID-Name: [Serge S. Yuriev]
Caller-Caller-ID-Number: [nevian]
Caller-Callee-ID-Name: [Outbound Call]
Caller-Callee-ID-Number: [79645835822 at]
Caller-Network-Addr: []
Caller-ANI: [nevian]
Caller-Destination-Number: [79645835822]
variable_sip_from_display: [Serge S. Yuriev]
variable_sip_full_from: ["Serge S. Yuriev" <sip:nevian at cranz.nevian.org>;tag=624579331]
variable_sip_full_to: [<sip:79645835822 at cranz.nevian.org>]
variable_sip_req_user: [79645835822]
variable_sip_req_uri: [79645835822 at cranz.nevian.org]
variable_sip_req_host: [cranz.nevian.org]
variable_sip_to_user: [79645835822]
variable_sip_to_uri: [79645835822 at cranz.nevian.org]

In mod_radius_cdr profile->destination_number returns it as 79645835822 at
Which field should I use to get only number?

Termination via h323 if this matters


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