[Freeswitch-users] mod_dingaling & inbound audio

Locutis of Borg locutis at sect001.net
Tue Feb 8 22:07:14 MSK 2011

Followed instructions on wiki.  Enabled mod_dingaling to register over at
GV.  Set external rtp to right address.  Outbound calling terminates, and
outbound audio works, but seems that I can not get return audio.

FS is on DMZ - same problem
Moved to internal (behind NAT, port forwarding) - same problem
Moved back to DMZ and killed iptables and router spi - same problem

In and out calling on SIP to provider works fine in both cases.

So my questions are:
  Can mod_dingaling be used for GV or not?
  Since it uses TLS, NAT shouldn't be an issue?
  Does GV not like us FS users?

Thank you for you help.

"Resistance is Fruitful"
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