[Freeswitch-users] mod_dinglaing errors and google voice

Daniel Wells daniel_wells at byu.edu
Tue Feb 8 09:38:01 MSK 2011

I sent this earlier but am not sure if it went though (I never got it in my inbox).  I apologize if you have already seen it.

So I finally have what appears to be a working version of mod_dingaling on my windows box.  I say working only because the console starts and I see evidence in the logs that freeswitch is communicating with my google account though mod_dingaling  (I see presence information about some of my contacts).

However I am not sure my dialplan is working (just a guess since this my first experience with freeswitch-or any PBX for that matter).

I have been trying to follow the instructions as found here:

I have a client connected using the default user 1000.  I created a dingaling profile called gv1000.xml (I am using the second example of the dialplan on the above site and inferred that the client profile needed to renamed).  My profile is identical to the one in the example with the exception of the username, password and "exten" (which is set to 1000).  I put a copy of the dial plan in the "default" directory.  But I am getting an error when trying to make outbound calls.  Does this mean I have done something wrong, or is google blocking this now?

freeswitch at dw-laptop> 2011-02-07 10:31:44.361514 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:1247 SIP auth challenge (INVITE) on sofia profile 'internal' for [18XXXXXXXXX at] from ip
2011-02-07 10:31:44.477521 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:811 New Channel sofia/internal/1000 at [cfda05d4-2f61-4ab0-8ca6-f759cfac53b7]
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:331 Processing 1000 <1000>->18XXXXXXXXX in context default
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [NOTICE] mod_sofia.c:2185 Ring-Ready sofia/internal/1000 at!
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:697 Ring Ready sofia/internal/1000 at!
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [NOTICE] mod_dingaling.c:721 Close Channel N/A [CS_NEW]
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:2638 Cannot create outgoing channel of type [dingaling] cause: [DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER]
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [INFO] mod_dptools.c:2621 Originate Failed.  Cause: DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER
2011-02-07 10:31:44.689533 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:2684 Hangup sofia/internal/1000 at [CS_EXECUTE] [DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER]
2011-02-07 10:31:44.900545 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1306 Session 1 (sofia/internal/1000 at Ended
2011-02-07 10:31:44.900545 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1308 Close Channel sofia/internal/1000 at [CS_DESTROY]


Daniel Wells

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