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Daniel Wells daniel_wells at byu.edu
Tue Feb 8 03:22:25 MSK 2011

I tried zipping them up and got an error (some missing dependancy that looked like it was related to Visual Studio).  I didn't have time at moment  to look into it much past that.  I will try again.

Do you know if everything it needed from gnutls was imported or will it need to be installed on any machine I move this to.  I'll look into the windows installer toolset.

Thanks for your help.

- Daniel

Mitch Capper <mitch.capper at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Daniel,
To build the setup you would need the windows installer toolset: http://wix.sourceforge.net/  its free.   Note you could also just put the compiled versions into a zip rather than build an installer for distribution.


On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 11:33 AM, Daniel Wells <daniel_wells at byu.edu<mailto:daniel_wells at byu.edu>> wrote:
So when I launch the Visual Studio 2010 Project I get an error telling me that the setup project cannot be opened (specifically the setup.wixproj file).  Without this project it would seem a rather complicated process to get my compiled code to run a separate box (compiling on dev box but want this to run on a separate server).

Any ideas?


Daniel Wells

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