[Freeswitch-users] iksemel.lib not compiling

Daniel Wells daniel_wells at byu.edu
Mon Feb 7 22:12:35 MSK 2011

So I have been having issues with the iksemel.lib not compiling.  I found a site that gave some helps that fixed the issue (http://etmob.com/blog/index.php/2009/02/how-to-run-freeswitch-mod_dingaling-on-windows/).

The issue lies with the fact that the iksemel library depends on the pthread library which it doesn't know about.  Adding an include to the directory for the pthread project as an additional include to the iksemel project gets us closer.  The article (or rather the comments) says you then need to add a definition for ssize_t to the header file.  This did indeed solve the issue and all seemed to compile.

However this means one of two things is true: either the wiki article describing how to install google voice is incomplete, or something about my visual studio environment differs from those who wrote the wiki articles.

Any ideas on which?  If it is the wiki, I can go in and add the details.  However if it is my environment, then I would rather add instructions for making my environment match those that wrote the article.


Daniel Wells
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Office of Information Technology
Brigham Young University
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