[Freeswitch-users] Sent aastra-xml event via esl?

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Sat Feb 5 01:09:08 MSK 2011


I'm trying to use ESL to send an event to aastra phones, so I can get 
them to execute an XML script and do other fancy things.

To start, I'm just testing using a simple telnet connection to make sure 
it will work.

I can successfully connect, and do things like "api help", etc.

Here's what I have been sending:

sendevent NOTIFY
profile: internal
event-string: aastra-xml
user: 5101 at communicatefreely.net
host: stefan.151front.communicatefreely.net
content-type: application/simple-message-summary

I get this response:

Content-Type: command/reply
Reply-Text: +OK

I don't see anything at all go out to the phone.

Here's the phone I want to get the event:

sofia status profile internal user 5101 at communicatefreely.net

Call-ID:        996859d51795564d
User:           5101 at communicatefreely.net
Contact:        "Tim St. Pierre"

<contact obscured>

Agent:          Aastra 6731i/
Status:         Registered(UDP-NAT)(unknown) EXP(2011-02-04 17:21:56) 
Host:           stefan.151front.communicatefreely.net
User:      5101
Auth-Realm:     pbx.communicatefreely.net
MWI-Account:    5101 at eccentricartists.communicatefreely.net

Total items returned: 1

What is the syntax of the user: and host: headers?  Is the host: the 
switch I want to respond to the event, or the IP address of the phone?  
I need FS to send the event to the phone based on it's registration.



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