[Freeswitch-users] Auto test FS install - now necessary?

jesse chat2jesse at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 00:02:33 MSK 2011

In my personal experience, I also switched from asterisk to freeswitch. From
engineering perspective, a good process will befits the project in the long
run, especially as it becomes more complicated and involves more people.
On Feb 4, 2011 9:34 AM, "Phone" <phone.bytes at gmail.com> wrote:
> I hope that we don't ever return to the old days of spending a year or
> more regression testing PBX firmware between each release. That was
> okay, if you did not mind having a product that worked really well but
> did not really do much and was always about a year behind the cutting
> I applaud all of the FS Devs, I believe that everyone is doing their
> best to avoid introducing new issues as work is done to improve the code
> base and add new features and functionality.
> We are happy to participate in the testing and feedback process.
> We hope to be able to make meaningful contributions down the road when
> we are more familiar with things.
> I have never seen a major issue that was not corrected with lightning
> It seems that even whenever someone reports an issue that is important
> to them, they are likewise addressed very rapidly.
> In my opinion, this is just the way that software development goes. Do
> your best to modify (improve the project) code without causing other
> issues. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens. Especially when there
> so many people working to make contributions to grow and improve the
> product for all. Frankly, I think the project is progressing very well.
> On 02/04/2011 10:01 AM, Anthony Minessale wrote:
>> I guess we should try to be more like all the other open source
>> projects where every single day of GIT HEAD is perfect.
>> hmm....
>> The alternative is you can buy a soft-switch and live with it's faults
>> and pay annually for an update.
>> Or even wait for our official releases which are very infrequent and
>> not well-supported once they are more than a few months old.
>> Also don't forget we use FreeSWITCH in a real product so you don't
>> even see the amount of testing and QA we inherit from that product as
>> well as all the large carriers who use FreeSWITCH and do their best to
>> try beta version for us. Thank you all.....
>> We have plans to stable branch soon. I guess that means everyone will
>> flock to that and it will be the end of my beta testers.
>> We do not only get regressions from features we get them sometimes
>> from fixes as well, other peoples patches, many factors.
>> I guess what's really saddening since you bring up asterisk, is that I
>> spent years using it with perpetual problems in the release or the
>> daily snapshot and it sort of has a reputation for this kind of thing
>> and all you hear about is how awesome it is from people. I don't
>> appreciate being treated like a witch hunt over one regression
>> especially when we can fix it in 1 minute. That double-standard is
>> ridiculous.
>> I should just make a FAQ about this and paste in the URL:
>> We only have so much time to give to the world, we spend like 8-14
>> hours a day on average working on the code.
>> Any suggestions or improvements (even the ones with the best
>> intentions) are only viable if they come with volunteers.
>> Bottom line is by downloading and building the code you are opting in
>> to our community which involves occasional speed bumps.
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