[Freeswitch-users] FSClient Release - A FreeSWITCH SIP Client for Windows in .NET

Mitch Capper mitch.capper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 18:30:31 MSK 2011

Hi Guys, I am sorry for the issues with the installer we rushed to get one
together to make it easier on everyone for the conference today and did not
have a chance to have too many others test it.   First per the "Elevation
Question" not the installer will not prompt for elevation until after you
select install (basically setup.exe collects the install options then runs
the MSI and should prompt at that time for admin rights).   In the mean time
I have put together a ZIP that you should be able to exact to a directory
for now and run, you can find it at: http://fluky.org/FSClientPortable.zip

Technically the installer should make sure you have .net 4.0 installed so if
you use the zip make sure you already have it installed otherwise it is at:

Also please note, when the app starts up it does take 5-15 seconds to load
while freeswitch is spinning up before you can do anything.

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