[Freeswitch-users] FSClient Release - A FreeSWITCH SIP Client for Windows in .NET

Mitch Capper mitch.capper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 09:39:38 MSK 2011

In prep for tomorrows conference I am happy to release FSClient.  I would
like to thank DRK and especially jlenk for their continued support and help
on this project.  jlenk created the installer, fixed code, and certainly
helped bring it along quite a bit faster!
FSClient is a windows SIP client:
Most features of any standard sip client
multiple calls at once
transfer, holding, speakerphone, DND
multiple SIP accounts
advanced headset support (caller id, buttons, etc) for jabra and plantronics
out of the box (with plugin support for easily adding others)
basic contact book support (with a sample XML contact book plugin provided)
All codecs (minus commercial g729 support) that freeswitch supports

Give it a shot and let us know about any issues you run into, overall it was
decently tested for many months but some of the rapid changes as of late
means there may be some larger bugs that crept in.  I will also be on the
conference call tomorrow and can answer questions there.

And so to download the binaries:
There will be a readme in the install dir on usage.

The source code is available on the contrib git repo mitchcapper/FSClient.

As for building from source you will need to do a few things to trunk
currently.  In the source folder you need to move mod_portaudio.c to the
freeswitch\src\mod\endpoints\mod_portaudio folder (
http://jira.freeswitch.org/browse/FS-3006 are the changes pending trunk).
In addition move the portaudio.2010.vxcproj over the version in
freeswitch\libs\portaudio\build\msvc to enable direct X support.  Make sure
you have the WPF Toolkit also installed.  Build trunk and then for FSClient
set the ENV var FREESWITCH_SRC_LOCATION to the src location and it will also
auto-copy the needed files into the build folder.

Back in May I wanted a SIP client that supported the Jabra headsets, after
not finding one that would work as I liked I looked to open source and
everyone pointed me towards FSComm.  FSComm is great, and has a huge amount
of time poured into it, but the C++/QT base for it was not for me.  .NET was
the natural choice due to its rapid development time and stability so I went

After a few weeks work I had a client that I used for over 6 months and was
fairly stable with relatively minor changes.   A few weeks ago on the
conference call someone mentioned wanting a windows sip client option and I
figured I would offer up my code base.  Well getting private code ready for
public use was a bit more complex than planned but its here now and
certainly in the past several weeks has had a lot of development.

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