[Freeswitch-users] Route incoming analog calls.

Eric Michel eric at bmcrministries.org
Tue Feb 1 19:17:24 MSK 2011

I've got a Sangoma A200 with six FXO ports and two FXS.  I can call out just
fine, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to route incoming calls.
 We've got five POTS lines and all I've been able to do is route all
incoming calls to a specific extension.  How do I go about routing
individual POTS lines to different groups/extensions?

<extension name="analog test2" continue="true">
    <condition field="source" expression="mod_freetdm">
     <action application="set" data="domain_name=$${domain}"/>
       <action application="set" data="transfer_ringback=$${us-ring}"/>
       <action application="answer"/>
       <action application="transfer" data="1000 XML default"/>

That is my current conf/public/inbound dial plan.  Shouldn't I be able to
add a second condition that tests what FXO port is receiving the call and
allow me to route it accordingly?  If yes, could I get an example?  The
answer may be really simple, I've just been unable to find it.

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