[Freeswitch-users] group_confirm_cancel_timeout on multiple legs

Neil Burgess neil.burgess at redmatter.com
Fri Sep 24 05:10:30 PDT 2010

Hi there,

I have a dial string similar to below, which dials two SIP URIs, one after another using leg_delay_start of 0 and 5, and leg_timeout of 10 and 10 to stagger the calling pattern. Both SIP URI's have a group_confirm_file associated with them, where pressing a digit will cause the call to be connected!

{group_confirm_key=exec,group_confirm_file='javascript GroupConfirm.js',ignore_early_media=true, ,group_confirm_cancel_timeout=true}[ leg_delay_start=0,leg_timeout=10,rmvLegConfirm=true]sofia/internal/12005 at blah.com;fs_path=sip:,[leg_delay_start=5,leg_timeout=10,rmvLegConfirm=true]sofia/internal/12003blah.com;fs_path=sip:<mailto:sofia/internal/12005 at blah.com;fs_path=sip:,%5bleg_delay_start=5,leg_timeout=10,rmvLegConfirm=true%5dsofia/internal/12003blah.com;fs_path=sip:>)

I have set group_confirm_cancel_timeout=true to ensure that the call doesn't drop due to timeout when answered and in the confirm stage.

I have two scenarios relating to timeout problems; both of which I'm sure are the same!

Scenario 1

When a call is made, we wait for 7 seconds until both extensions ring, then pick up the call on first extension. FS plays the group confirm message and doesn't timeout as expected. However the second phone then continues to ring beyond its configured leg_timeout? Question: does group_confirm_cancel_timeout cancel all leg timeouts as soon as one extension answers? If so, is there a way to make it only apply to the leg that answered, and allow other legs to carry on with their existing timeouts.

Scenario 2

When a call is made, we allow extension 1 to start ringing and pick it up. It plays the group confirm message and doesn't timeout as expected. The second extension never starts ringing however, whilst the group_confirm phase is active. This means that if the first extension is rejected in the group_confirm phase, the second extension never gets going! Again, is there a way to make the group_confirm_cancel_timeout apply to the single leg and not all legs in the originate!

Any ideas please...

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