[Freeswitch-users] Voice mail folders

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Mon Sep 20 16:22:32 PDT 2010

Yes, I have that problem with fax too!

The only system I have ever seen with folders is Asterisk, but that's what I'm migrating from, so it
still gets used.

I think I will go ahead and build something in lua.  It's not that hard given that all the required
data is already in a database and I don't have to parse anything.

Once I'm done playing messages and moving them around, etc.  How do I tell freeswitch to update the
message counts on the phones?  Is there some sort of event I can fire that will update the MWI to
whatever is in the database?



François Delawarde wrote:
> I have the same problem for Fax, but unfortunately some people are
> difficult to convince they should use email instead.
> Tim: You could also implement your own custom voicemail system using
> some lua script or similar! It's just another IVR after all.

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