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A few comments on using the Diastar demo on demo.projectdiastar.org:

All you need to access it is a SIP phone.  Valid video codecs are H.263, H.264 and MPEG4. If your phone is behind a NAT firewall, you will likely need to set a STUN server such as stun.ekiga.net to get the media through to the phone's NAT'd IP address.  I don't believe X-Lite has the option to use STUN.  Also, XLite does not dial by IP address, so you need to go through a SIP registrar, or do something like set the outbound proxy used by the phone to demo.projectdiastar.org and dial one of the extensions used by the demo.  (300, 500, 600)  The free Kapanga softphone may be a better choice.

If you want to try the Diastar server with FreeSwitch yourself, we are at the point of having a beta version of a FreeSwitch client available.  You can get it here:

svn checkout svn://svn.projectdiastar.org/diastar/trunk/clients/freeswitch

The latest release of the Diastar server should be used with the FreeSwitch client:




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>From the wiki at diastar:
To get to the demos, you first need a SIP video softphone that supports G711 ULaw audio and H.263 video.

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:10 AM, jesse <chat2jesse at gmail.com<mailto:chat2jesse at gmail.com>> wrote:
If you have experience in this, could you share the set up? I could
not get it work with those demo videos by dialing
sip:500 at demo.projectdiastar.org<mailto:sip%3A500 at demo.projectdiastar.org> in X-lite.


H264 codec is enabled in vars.xml


On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 3:45 PM, jesse <chat2jesse at gmail.com<mailto:chat2jesse at gmail.com>> wrote:
> do we have such wiki page?
> thanks!

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