[Freeswitch-users] gTalk new phone calls feature

Andrew Thompson andrewkt at aktzero.com
Thu Sep 2 00:07:22 PDT 2010

  On 8/31/2010 2:37 PM, Rupa Schomaker wrote:
> No, they do not have a SIP interface we can use.  They 
> originate/terminate on the PSTN.  (unless you have a gizmo5 account 
> which are no longer offered).  One would hope they offer a SIP 
> interface again someday...

The reason gizmo5 works, is it's a faux DID that's tied to a SIP account 
that you know the credentials for.

sipgate.com provides a single US DID(with free incoming) for free per 
account. You of course then have the SIP credentials for that. I've not 
tried it(I have a gizmo5 account), but I've seen references to people 
using it elsewhere.

NOTE: This is for inbound use only! Don't try to send your calls out 
through sipgate, unless you're putting money into that account.

Andrew Thompson

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