[Freeswitch-users] mod_h323: call deferred due to unsuccessfull dns lookup

Georgiewskiy Yuriy bottleman at icf.org.ru
Wed Sep 1 04:10:13 PDT 2010

On 2010-09-01 13:46 +0400, Nikolay Kondratyev wrote 'FreeSWITCH Users Help':

NK>Hi all,
NK>i found the following problem with mod_h323:
NK>When i make outgoing call via h323, there is a 10 seconds delay before the call is sent out, via h323. 
NK>I believe it happens because fs tries to resolve _h323cs._tcp. srv record.
NK>Here is a fragment of a log file:
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:17.144778 [DEBUG] mod_h323.cpp:1564 ======>create_outgoing_channel DST NUMBER = 5840 at
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:17.144778 [DEBUG] mod_h323.cpp:1532 ======>FSH323EndPoint::FSMakeCall DST NUMBER = 5840 at [FSH323EndPoint]
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:17.144778 [DEBUG] mod_h323.cpp:1544 ----> Using for outbound call
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:17.144778 [DEBUG] pdns.cxx:498 SRV Lookup service _h323cs._tcp.
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:27.402216 [DEBUG] pdns.cxx:471 SRV Lookup Fail no domain h323:5840 at
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:27.402216 [DEBUG] h323ep.cxx:2353 DNS SRV Cannot resolve remote party 5840 at
NK>2010-09-01 12:02:27.402216 [DEBUG] h323ep.cxx:2141 Making call to: 5840 at
NK>And i can also see this looking into the network trace with wireshark.
NK>So one can see a 10 seconds delay due to failed dns lookup.
NK>I use FS 1.0.6. My h323.conf and dialplan are just like those described in the wiki http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Mod_h323
NK>As far as i understand, if ip address (not name) is specified, srv lookup should not be performed. Is it correct?
NK>What could be done to make FS not to lookup this srv record (when ip address, not name, is specified)?
NK>Thanks in advance,

I think this is library issue, as tempollary solution try rebuild libpt with --disable-resolver option
then rebuild h323plus and mod_h323.

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