[Freeswitch-users] Don't work playback after bypass media mode.

Sergey Scheglov sid at eltc.ru
Thu May 27 12:12:28 PDT 2010

Hi, Anthony.

Thanks, thanks, thanks ))
You wrote 28 may 2010., 1:46:05:

> it's against the SIP spec to re-negotiate media before you have answered.
> the transaction to negotiate the SDP from the original call has not
> completed so it's illegal to send a re-invite.

Do I understand correctly that the dialplan is not correct?

> instead you should use bypass_media_after_bridge=true so the bypass only
> happens when the bridge works.

As I wrote in first message:
"If set bypass_media_after_bridge instead bypass_media, then works
fine, BUT changing codec negotiation." And two phones that support
codecs, which not present in internal profile, not be able to call
each other.

Best regards
Sergey Scheglov

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