[Freeswitch-users] FS as Media Gateway Only

Vitalii Colosov vetali100 at gmail.com
Wed May 26 23:15:14 PDT 2010

Hi Code,

I have working example doing exactly what you've described.
One signalling FS bridges incoming call to a set of media servers (depending
on ip, but you can implement any routing logic including round robin) and
then transfers media stream after bridging to that media server.

You can achieve this on signalling FS by creating a Lua script that contains
the following lines:

media_server="my_media_X.mydomain.com"; --to be determined by routing logic
forwarding_session = "sofia/external/"..called_number.."@"..media_server;
session:setVariable("bypass_media_after_bridge", "true");
session:setVariable("hangup_after_bridge", "true");

The call will arrive to the selected media server successfully and media
stream will start bypassing signalling FS after bridge.

You can read the following thread, it describes how you can setup such

I think it will fit your needs.


2010/5/27 Code Ghar <codeghar at gmail.com>

> Is it possible -- and are there any case studies, practical experience, etc
> -- on deploying FreeSWITCH (FS) in this architecture: one server (FSSIP)
> handles SIP signaling only, and multiple servers (FSRTP1, FSRTP2, ...,
> FSRTPn) handle all media responsibilities? So when a call comes in, the SDP
> contains IP of, say FSRTP1, as media handler. For this to work, FSSIP would
> request FSRTPx for media resources for each new call and add its IP and port
> in SDP. The media servers/gateways would play IVR, etc.; collect DTMF and
> forward as appropriate to FSSIP; perform transcoding; etc.; all while FSSIP
> only deals with signaling. This way multiple servers could be deployed to
> handle media responsibilities and only a handful would be required for
> signaling. In future if there's a greater need for transcoding, etc. all you
> need to do is deploy a media server and not have to add servers for
> signaling.
> This idea came to me because I have come across two proprietary
> applications that do it this way. They have a SIP component and a media
> component. You can run both on the same physical machine or you can separate
> them out into multiple machines.
> Another way for this could be to integrate FS as a media component to
> another application's SIP component. A mix-and-match, so to speak.
> On the flip side, deploy FS as a SIP server and use media capabilities of
> some other hardware or software application. For example, FS handles
> signaling and use dedicated hardware for media. A good example of this is
> illustrated (somewhat) by an image on Sangoma's website:
> http://www.sangoma.com/assets/images/content/transcoding_diagram.jpg. Look
> at the "pooled transcoding".
> Is FS even designed to be this modular? If so, how can the aforementioned
> scenario(s) be achieved?
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