[Freeswitch-users] Quick question on Originate through api

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not necessary ....

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For sofia/internal/ you should use a % as a separator I think, instead of 

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Hi there,

In my mind - where 6775557767 is a registered user, the following two are 
the same:

apiResult = fsApi.Execute("originate", 

apiResult = fsApi.Execute("originate", 
string.Format("{{ignore_early_media=false,absolute_codec_string='PCMU',origination_caller_id_number=5556667776}}sofia/internal/6775557767 at 121.763.76.76 

i.e. user/ and sofia/internal are the same thing.

However on my system the user/ works great but sofia/internal loops call 
back through in the public context.

Can someone tell me the difference between these options?

What am I missing?




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