[Freeswitch-users] Voip fail over device solutions, please help

Matteo mbrancaleoni at voismart.it
Fri May 21 03:17:00 PDT 2010


----- "Carlos Lopez" <the_spide21 at yahoo.com> ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> I am planning to deploy some test over a voip server, I'll be setting
> up two voip servers, but I want to know if there are devices that can
> take one T1/E1 PSTN lease and then transform that signal into IP and
> connect it to a ethernet card on each voip server.

you can setup a pri card into the boxes and use isdnguard (from junghanns)
or berofos (from beronet) to failover the main pri line to one of the boxes.

for analog there're some similar solutions, but only for small ports


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