[Freeswitch-users] Adding variable to be passed via mod_xml_curl

Cliff Wells cliff at develix.com
Wed May 19 19:52:38 PDT 2010

On Wed, 2010-05-19 at 19:29 -0700, Cliff Wells wrote:

> I'm having a difficult time as I can't determine exactly where I can put
> anything that will happen before mod_xml_curl is called for the dialplan
> (so I can't even use application info, for example, to see the list of
> actual variables).   Any advice on how to do this one thing would
> probably get me 90% of the way there.

Actually, that might not help anyway.

It was suggested to me on IRC to give mod_xml_curl an invalid URL to
cause a variable dump (inbound caller ID obfuscated):

Channel-State: [CS_EXECUTE]
Channel-State-Number: [4]
Channel-Name: [OpenZAP/1:22/4067150999]
Unique-ID: [5ab07bb6-63ba-11df-bd7c-555cb1b118d6]
Call-Direction: [inbound]
Presence-Call-Direction: [inbound]
Answer-State: [ringing]
Channel-Read-Codec-Name: [PCMU]
Channel-Read-Codec-Rate: [8000]
Channel-Write-Codec-Name: [PCMU]
Channel-Write-Codec-Rate: [8000]
Caller-Username: [OpenZAP]
Caller-Dialplan: [XML]
Caller-Caller-ID-Name: [708xxxxxx]
Caller-Caller-ID-Number: [708xxxxxx]
Caller-ANI: [708xxxxxxx]
Caller-Destination-Number: [4067150999]
Caller-Unique-ID: [5ab07bb6-63ba-11df-bd7c-555cb1b118d6]
Caller-Source: [mod_openzap]
Caller-Context: [default]
Caller-Channel-Name: [OpenZAP/1:22/4067150999]
Caller-Profile-Index: [1]
Caller-Profile-Created-Time: [1274323788097303]
Caller-Channel-Created-Time: [1274323788097303]
Caller-Channel-Answered-Time: [0]
Caller-Channel-Progress-Time: [0]
Caller-Channel-Progress-Media-Time: [0]
Caller-Channel-Hangup-Time: [0]
Caller-Channel-Transfer-Time: [0]
Caller-Screen-Bit: [true]
Caller-Privacy-Hide-Name: [false]
Caller-Privacy-Hide-Number: [false]
variable_direction: [inbound]
variable_uuid: [5ab07bb6-63ba-11df-bd7c-555cb1b118d6]
variable_read_codec: [PCMU]
variable_read_rate: [8000]
variable_write_codec: [PCMU]
variable_write_rate: [8000]
variable_channel_name: [OpenZAP/1:22/4067150999]
variable_openzap_span_name: [boostss7]
variable_openzap_span_number: [1]
variable_openzap_chan_number: [22]
variable_current_application: [info]

As can be seen, only the LRN (4067150999) is available, so even if I
were able to parse something and set a variable, there doesn't appear to
be anything to parse from.

I guess I'll take it up with the Sangoma folks and see if they can offer
a solution (or point the finger elsewhere).



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