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Ken Fulmer kenfulmer at icstechnologysolutions.com
Tue May 18 10:50:02 PDT 2010

Yes, I'm asking about the contact field in the INVITE header. PaeTec won't
accept our calls without this change.






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I assume he is talking about the contact field in the INVITE, not the

I don't know how to accomplish this off the top of my head but I'd be
interested too (quite a few carriers request this).

Kristian Kielhofner 



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HI Ken,


Add the following line


<param name="extension" value="10 Digit Number"/>



On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 11:40 AM, Ken Fulmer
<kenfulmer at icstechnologysolutions.com> wrote:

We are connecting a FS gateway to PaeTec. They need the contact field to be
the same as the calling number. Using the trunk registration 10 digit number
doesn't work for them.


I added the following parameter to remove "gw + external" in the contact
field to the left of the @ sign:


    <param name="extension-in-contact" value="true"/>


Is there something else I should add, so the contact field shows the 10
digit calling number? 




Ken Fulmer


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