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David Ponzone david.ponzone at gmail.com
Thu May 13 08:43:35 PDT 2010

If you want a fax on one line, you plan to use fax over G711 or T38 ?
As far as I know, the PAP2T does not have T38.
Fax over G711 is known to be quite unreliable.

You should look at Audiocodes and Patton.
Both of those vendors are known to produce good devices, although I  
remember someone saying that the analog devices from Audiocodes were  
not as good as the digital ones.

If you really need fax, even T38, you should not have a fixed price  
You should rather try all the boxes on the market, and if you'are  
lucky enough to find one working with your gateway (not with FS, FS is  
transparent for that), stay with that and hope the vendor won't stop  
making it.
I was successful with the little M-ATA from Patton (that's actually an  
OEM) for T38.

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Le 13/05/2010 à 16:37, Garrison Hoffman a écrit :

> I'm finally convinced my Grandstream HT386 is too much trouble.  
> There's
> got to be some clever engineering in a device which manages to have a
> problem with every FS configuration I've tested.
> What I need now is another dual FXS adapter, one port is for a  
> cordless
> phone and the other is a dedicated fax line.
> I'm considering an unlocked Linksys PAP2T, and a Grandstream HT502 but
> I'm open to other recommendations. The HT502 is only on my list due to
> UPnP & TLS support and because my GX2020 has always worked well.
> Both products are available at voipsupply.com for under $60,  
> although I
> have no fixed price cutoff.
> -gh
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