[Freeswitch-users] Alarms-codes

Jan Berger janvb at live.com
Fri May 7 23:47:59 PDT 2010



I have playing around with FreeSWITCHf or a while and one of things I am looking for is unique Alarms-codes


FreeSwitch has error, warning, info etc on the logging - but the message print module name and line-number - it does not incude a proper, unique alarm-code. Using the combination of module-name and line-number is possible - but this changes from release to release.


The point with alarms is that they are forwarded into databases/applications/operating senters that monitor telecom equipmenet. The way this usually is done is that the forwarding mechanism filter on alarm-code/severity as we don't want to forward junk - but it's a requirement that we visualise those that affect business. 




It's doable to change logging so that every module insert a unique number - starting with 1 - this would make modulename + alarm-code an unique combination that would serve the purpose.


Any suggestions?




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