[Freeswitch-users] 4x T1 PRI Gateway

Luis F Urrea lfurrea at gmail.com
Thu May 6 16:53:36 PDT 2010

I do not know about digital audiocodes but I had horrible experiences with
analog Audiocodes gateways. The crappy device every once in a while simply
looses IP connectivity and it was painful to get it back, I even had to
reset to factory defaults several times . Consider the fact that you may be
miles away from the site and you will understand why I find them painful.

Audiocodes support is also crap. you can only try to get support through
your reseller.

+1 for Patton 4960

Smartware firmware is really powerful and stable with more than 8 years of
development. CLI is nice and powerful as well,  debugging through CLI can
help a lot. I don't like the Web interface and find it confusing but GUIs
never appealed to me :p

Smartware documentation is good as well.

At least for analog gateways SNMP MIBs are alright but not very helpful to
monitor every aspect you can think of, but I think the 4960 may include more
than the analog ones, you can also find documentation on available MIBs.

You can get support directly from Patton.

I have several analog ones in production and never had to deal with them for
over a year.

My 2 cents and humble opinion.

Hope it helps
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