[Freeswitch-users] mod_com_g729 DECODER CREATE FAILED

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Wed May 5 16:19:04 PDT 2010

Well if you have a g729 call up and its G729 passthru encoder/decoders will not be allocated till needed.  If you record the call you'll require two decoders to record the call since it has to decode both sides and mux the call.  I did test calls that were G729 end to end and no coders got allocated.  The allocation happened when recording started.  Also if you do fake ringback you'll allocate coders too.


On May 5, 2010, at 6:13 PM, Peter P GMX wrote:

> Hello Anthony,
> thanks, I received your mail. I should use a different email adreess in
> the future. My email provider sometimes sends these strange
> notifications as you have seen. eMails from this mailing lists however
> work. Every attempt to stop this behaviour failed, as the email provider
> has no clue how to solve this. Sorry for this inconvenience.
> Concerning the G.729 problem, this is not 100% clear to me.
> When I connect 2 phones with G.729 without recording, I can see that no
> license is used, as the call is in bypass mode:
>  Permitted G.729AB channels: 2
>  Encoders in use: 0
>  Decoders in use: 0
> So when I try to record this call, I will need 3 licenses? 1 for each
> call leg and one for the recording?
> Best regards
> Peter

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