[Freeswitch-users] Different codecs for different devices?

Ken Fulmer kenfulmer at icstechnologysolutions.com
Tue May 4 09:32:47 PDT 2010

Just in case others are interested, this is possible with the following


SIP Profile:


    <param name="inbound-late-negotiation" value="true"/>




      <action application="set" data="inherit_codec=true"/>


The codec negotiated in Call Leg B, is forced onto Call Leg A. This is
possible due to the "inbound late negotiation" parameter in the sip profile.


Hope this helps someone else. 






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This may be a far out question but here goes:


Our fax machines that are connected to ATA's need to be g.711 on both Call
Leg A and Call Leg B (in either direction). 


However, our phones need to be g.711 on the internal side that faces our
PBX. On the side facing our SIP provider, the calls should be transcoded to
g.729. Inbound the calls to phones (not ATA's) need to be g.729 on the
inbound call leg and g.711 on the outbound call leg. 


I realize we can set inbound / outbound codec preferences in single or
multiple profiles and we can set the "absolute_codec_string" value for the
outbound call leg. 


However, I've yet to determine how to set the inbound call leg's codec
differently depending on the device. Is this possible? 




Ken Fulmer


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