[Freeswitch-users] Getting the IP (domain) of the FS box a phone registered with

Martin Dvorak martin at epbx.cz
Mon May 3 23:20:31 PDT 2010

Dne 4.5.2010 2:53, Phillip Jones napsal(a):
> Hi there,
> I have a cluster of FS boxes.  OpenSIPS sits in front of the boxes to
> load balance.
> The internal profile is sharing the same DB via ODBC.
> A mobile phone SIP client is registering with FS1, and a call for that
> SIP client arrives on FS2. The mobile phone will not accept unsolicited
> IP traffic, so FS1 must send the invite.
> From FS2, how do I find the IP (domain) the mobile phone is registered
> to? Without iterating through all my domains with sofia_contact? Or
> doing a look up in the DB.
> Is there a simpler way?

I think yes :-)

If your phones registering "through" OpenSIPS (OpenSIPS just forwards
REGISTERs to FreeSWITCH boxes), they should accept traffic from OpenSIPS
IP address.
And than you could send calls back to your phones through OpenSIPS too.
"Path" support is needed on FreeSWITCH side, but I hope it works (but I
tested it year ago or more).

Beste regards,


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