[Freeswitch-users] get your job aguinst freeswitch

Meftah Tayeb tayeb.meftah at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 11:34:09 PDT 2010

hello list,
i am meftah tayeb, a blind person from algeria that was using freeswitch 
sunse 1.0.1 release
i started firstly with asterisk, that was the very strangett voip 
application in my life
and thank to miconda that redirected me to freeswitch, from asterisk in 
#openser in 2008
i started learning voip basic in dec 2008
thank to the #freeswitch folk that teached me all this, including 
firstly anthm, Michael S Collin, brian (BKW), sekil the nice GUI and all 
in ogust 2009, algeria telecom and the algeria gouvernmant started 
blocking sip traffic
i was not using it for voip business, but, honestly, just to connect to 
the public freeswitch conference and the weekely  voip users conference
i start a complain in my local city, no reply from AT
i decided to go to the general office, because i can't use my PC without SIP
i got the general directore secrutary
ok, he receyved me and heare me saying why you are blocking sip?
so he asked me
why you need sip?
do you do voip business without autorisation?
i explaned to him my actual situation and he say: ok, no problem i will 
open the sip for you, but conditionaly
the next mondey you will be here
i say ok no problem
so, i returned to my home and i see something new:
1. a static ip address linked to my ADSL account
2. sip completly open
ok, next monday i was in the general office and i meet the gebneral 
directotore surprisingly
he asked me:
do you have a job?
i say no
but he say yes, you have, tel me
i say no aguin
and he say you work for algeria telecom
he surprised me with this
now, he gave me a:
good job
free house
free care with driver
so please say thank to the freeswitch project especialy the owner and 
try to donate to him a much a pocible
thank you

Meftah Tayeb
algérie télécom SPA
phone: +21321761805
phone (INUM): +883510001289101
mobile : +213660347746
mobile (INUM: +883510001289110

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