[Freeswitch-users] Multiple CDRS for Bridged calls from an IVR

David Allen david at virtutel.com.au
Mon Jul 19 06:18:19 PDT 2010


I have written an IVR that prompts a user to Enter a Number and then the 
call is bridged to a particular gateway. If the user wishes to end the 
call early I have set the bridge_terminate_key=# variable and 
continue_on_fail=NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE so the dial plan continues 
which loops back to the IVR. For collection of CDRs, I'm using XML-CDR.

The problem I'm having is that each call bridged to the gateway is not 
producing an individual CDR record and is instead adding the CDR 
information as additional records under callflow in the XML when the 
call to the IVR is finally terminated, instead of when each bridged call 
is terminated. I need to get the CDR information as the call is 
terminated for credit control purposes or in otherwords when the bridge 
is termated for XML-CDR to post the calls CDR.

I have looked on the Freeswitch site for a solution to this and I have 
not. Is there a way that I can get information when each call ends? 
Hopefully someone will be able to help with this question.


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