[Freeswitch-users] Caller ID on inbound calls on Polycom

Wellie Chao wchao at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 19:31:20 PDT 2010

As I mentioned in my last email, the ignore_display_updates variable did 
the trick, but I am just curious: what is the purpose of the default 
behavior where the display changes to the callee name and number? I am 
guessing there must be some use case (in fact a fairly prevalent use case) 
where showing the callee is more desirable than showing the caller, but 
I'm not aware of what that might be and am curious to find out what the 
use case(s) are. Changing the display to callee also seems to affect call 
logs on the Polycom, which makes the received call log kind of useless.

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Try adding the following line in your diaplan before the bridge command:
<action application="set" data="ignore_display_updates=true"/>
(try true and false and see which one works better for you).
2010/4/22 Wellie Chao <wchao at yahoo.com>
      I recently updated my FreeSWITCH installation from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6 and now
      I see a strange behavior with caller ID on Polycom phones when handling
      inbound calls.

      Here is the scenario:

      * Call is from 212-555-2222 (external number not on my softswitch)

      * Call is to 212-555-1001 (number on my softswitch, extension 1001)

      * extension 1001 is a Polycom phone (it's an IP301, but same problem
        occurs on other Polycom models such as the 501 and 601). SIP 3.1.4 and
        SIP 3.1.6 both affected. SIP 3.2.3 doesn't run on the IP301/501/601.

      * on phone 1001, the caller ID will display 212-555-2222 while ringing.
        The moment I pick up, the display will change to "From: 1001" (referring
        to the extension of the phone itself).

      Has anyone else experienced this problem, and does anyone know how to fix
      it? It does not occur with the snom 320 (and I assume it does not occur
      with any of the snom models based on extrapolation).

      While the problem only started when I updated from 1.0.4 to 1.0.6, it's
      entirely possible it's a configuration setting on the Polycom rather than
      a FreeSWITCH issue. I'm not sure. Anyone have pointers about how to
      resolve the problem (or even how to go about investigating the root

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