[Freeswitch-users] "Proxy|Bypass Media" Wrong Payload.

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Mon Sep 28 21:41:56 PDT 2009

That would be I suspect because your AddPac gateway is BROKEN.  I have  
no idea why it would be saying PCMU/8000/3 unless its horribly  
broken.  The SOA in sofia is moving the answer to 96 because that SDP  
is not valid for 0 which is a single channel of ulaw.  I don't know  
about you but I have yet to see a gateway able to do three channels of  


On Sep 28, 2009, at 11:08 PM, Mariano de Llano wrote:

> v=0
> o=9499 1254144425 1254144425 IN IP4 [AddPac IP]
> s=AddPac Gateway SDP
> c=IN IP4 [AddPac IP]
> t=1254144425 0
> m=audio 23004 RTP/AVP 0 101
> a=ptime:20
> a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000/3
> a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000/1
> a=fmtp:101 0-15

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