[Freeswitch-users] Large number of destinations

Robin Vleij viper at fx-services.com
Thu Nov 12 11:14:09 PST 2009

Hi all,

I'm currently building a proof-of-concept box using Freeswitch. Coming
from Asterisk/Kamalio/OpenSER it looks very cool so far, very complete.

The plan is to make some sort of SIP router, some would call it an SBC I
guess. There will be no PBX stuff, just gateways that talk to each
other. PSTN Gateways or other operators or systems.

If a system is locally connected (say a local voip platform or
interconnected partner), traffic to those destinations should be routed
directly to that system and not out to PSTN. I'm looking at a
potentially large nr of destination nrs or ranges. Not all those
destinations are in the local ENUM so I can't use that as a routing system.

I'm thinking about mod_lcr, but it seems more suited for eh ... LCR
routing, which is not what I want to do here. I just want to define
which nrs or nr ranges are "directly" connected, so that when someone
calls there from whatever way they come in (I'm running just one
instance and thought about defining all gateways/systems as gateways in
the SIP profile), they should end up there and not at PSTN.

I think I have two ways of doing this:

1. Make a HUGE XML dialplan and use that to fall back to when internal
ENUM lookup doesn't give a result back to where a nr is located
2. Use LCR and find out some kind of way to load all of these
destinations into a LCR table and use it in the "wrong" way, ie no costs
are involved, it should just be a way to know which nrs or ranges are to
be sent to which gateway.

Nr1 is probably best (anyone experience how many conditions one can have
dialplan_xml?), but say that we would exchange traffic with an operator,
it would really suck writing an XML dialplan with 5000 number ranges. :)

Anyone experience with this or ideas how this can be solved? Since it's
a proof-of-concept it's unclear how exactly those customers or systems
are looking. They might be 6000 (un)ported individual nrs, or just a few
large ranges.


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