[Freeswitch-users] Transfer call to group

Albano Daniele Salvatore - Lavoro info at daccii.it
Thu Nov 5 12:35:12 PST 2009


actually i'm trying to setup an IVR that, when the choice is done, 
transfer the call to a group, really simply.

Here the dialplan in default context to handle call to group (four 
extensions, one for group, from 2001 to 2004)

Here the output log

When i call the group directly from a telephone in the default context 
or when the ivr transfer me to the group i didn't get nothing, looking 
to log you can see (line 153)
EXECUTE sofia/internal/15 at bridge()

Data for bridge application is 

It's, probably, a stupid error, but the only other way to accomplish 
this is to bridge individually phones using | as separator but i would 
to mantain a single extension to handle this stuff.

Thanks for your support!

Best Regards,
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