[Freeswitch-users] hangup hook after intercept doesn't get triggered...

Klaus Hochlehnert Mailings at kh-dev.de
Fri Jun 26 16:16:31 PDT 2009

Brian told me to open a jira, what I did now.

But here's the script.
It basically writes incoming calls to a database and removes them after hangup.
When intercepting it also rewrites the destination of the call.

Thanks, Klaus

use strict;
use DBI;
use POSIX qw(strftime);
our $session;

use constant {
  false => 0,
  true => 1,
my $EmptyString = "                                        ";  # Used to delete regexp catches
my $dbargs = {AutoCommit => 0,
              PrintError => 1};

my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:SQLite:dbname=/opt/freeswitch/db/dialplan_call_info.db", "", "", $dbargs);
logInfo("Hook set");

sub logString {
  my ($Level, $Msg) = @_;
  freeswitch::consoleLog("$Level", "$Msg\n");

sub logDebug { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("DEBUG", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logInfo { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("INFO", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logNotice { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("NOTICE", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logWarning { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("WARNING", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logError { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("ERR", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logCritical { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("CRIT", ">>>>> $Msg"); }
sub logAlert { my ($Msg) = @_; logString("ALERT", ">>>>> $Msg"); }

# The idea of these functions is to allow for easy pull in of variables and then
# automatically export any ones that have been changed when UPDATEV.
# It will ensure you don't write to any non-imported variables, but as we are
# using a hash we cannot prevent invalid reads. If you are really concerned about
# this then you could use a specific read function which first checks to make sure
# its defined in CLEAN_VARS before returning.
my %VARS;
# Takes one or more variables names to import in
sub GETV {
  my @Arr = @_;
  foreach my $Var (@Arr) {
    $VARS{$Var} = $session->getVariable("$Var");
    $CLEAN_VARS{$Var} = $VARS{$Var};
    if (! defined $CLEAN_VARS{$Var}) {
      $CLEAN_VARS{$Var} = "";
# Generally not called directly, but will set the variable to the value requested right away
sub SETV {
  my ($Var, $Value) = @_;
  $session->setVariable("$Var", "$Value");
  $VARS{$Var} = "$Value";
  $CLEAN_VARS{$Var} = "$Value";
# If we don't care about a variables value, but wan't to override it this will add it to the hash
# so that when we write to it, we don't consider it a typo
sub ADDV {
  my @Arr = @_;
  foreach my $Var(@Arr) {
    $CLEAN_VARS{$Var} = "123zzzzzZnzZZzz"; # Something definitely won't match
    $VARS{$Var} = "";
# Updates any changed variables
  foreach my $Var (keys %VARS) {
    # Make sure there were no typos
    if (! defined $CLEAN_VARS{$Var}) {
      die "Warning a variable of: '$Var' was not found in CLEAN_VARS, did you forget to GET/ADD it first?";
    if ($VARS{$Var} ne $CLEAN_VARS{$Var}) {
      SETV($Var, $VARS{$Var});
# Dump all variables
sub DUMPV {
  foreach my $Var (sort keys %VARS) {
    logInfo("$Var = '" . $VARS{$Var} . "'");
  my ($Req) = @_;
  if ($VARS{app_rights} eq "ALL" || $VARS{app_rights} =~ /#$Req#/) {
    return true;
  } else {
    return false;

# Fetch some generic variables
GETV("uuid", "base_dir", "domain", "app_rights", "de-ring", "outgoing_soundtouch_profile", "hold_music", "continue_on_fail");
GETV("destination_number", "caller_id_name", "caller_id_number", "effective_caller_id_name", "effective_caller_id_number");
GETV("network_addr", "hangup_after_bridge", "called_party_callgroup", "ringback", "transfer_ringback", "sip_exclude_contact");
GETV("call_timeout", "source", "sip_to_params", "presence_id", "dialed_user", "dialed_domain");
GETV("voicemail_authorized", "sip_authorized", "username", "accountcode", "sip_from_user", "sip_to_user");

# Set some defaults
$VARS{hangup_after_bridge} = "true";
$VARS{ringback} = $VARS{'de-ring'};
$VARS{transfer_ringback} = $VARS{hold_music};
$VARS{sip_exclude_contact} = $VARS{network_addr};
$VARS{call_timeout} = "60";

sub bridgeCallInternally {
  my ($DestNr) = @_;
  if ("${DestNr}" == "21") {
    $VARS{call_timeout} = "15";

  $dbh->do("insert into current_calls (extension, uuid) values ('$DestNr', '$VARS{uuid}')");


sub on_hangup {
  my $hup_session = shift;
  my $hup_cause = shift;

  logInfo("Hangup uuid: '" . $hup_session->{uuid} . "'");
  logInfo("Hangup cause: '$hup_cause'");

  $dbh->do("delete from current_calls where uuid = '" . $hup_session->{uuid} . "'");

# Internal numbers
if ($VARS{destination_number} =~ /^(2[0-2])$/) {


# Intercept call
if ($VARS{destination_number} =~ /^\*8(\d+)$/) {
  my $intercept_extension = "";
  my $intercept_uuid = "";

  my $sth = $dbh->prepare("select * from current_calls where extension = ?");

  while (my @data = $sth->fetchrow_array()) {
    $intercept_extension = $data[0];
    $intercept_uuid = $data[1];

  logInfo("Intercept call from '$intercept_extension' - '$intercept_uuid'");

  $dbh->do("update current_calls set extension = '$VARS{caller_id_number}' where uuid = '$intercept_uuid'");

  $session->execute("intercept", "$intercept_uuid");
  $session->execute("sleep", "1000");


return 1;

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Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] hangup hook after intercept doesn't get triggered...

Can you paste in your script so we can see what is going on?
On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 1:39 PM, Klaus Hochlehnert <Mailings at kh-dev.de<mailto:Mailings at kh-dev.de>> wrote:

Ok, and how can I ask the hook to come with me?

If I understand this right...

When a call comes in the hook is set on the a-leg and it rings on the b-leg.

When I do an intercept I kill the ringing b-leg and the interceptor is now the "new" b-leg, right?

I would assume that the "old" a-leg still has the hook on it or this wrong.

Thanks, Klaus

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Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] hangup hook after intercept doesn't get triggered...

well in your case I suspect your intercepting the leg of the call without the hook on it.


On Jun 26, 2009, at 3:22 PM, Klaus Hochlehnert wrote:

Actually one of my first actions in the script is


When a call comes in the hook is set and working.

The second time the script is called when I try to intercept. As it's the same script there's also the function setHangupHook called.

That's what I've currently done.

How can I set up the hook for the "new" bridge?

Or is there a possibility to set a global hook?

Thanks, Klaus

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