[Freeswitch-users] Live Upgrade Techniques

Michael Giagnocavo mgg at giagnocavo.net
Wed Jun 10 21:04:26 PDT 2009

How are you handling your FS box crashing?

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I am slowly gaining confidence using FreeSWITCH in production, but there 
is one issue that I'm still wondering about: how are people upgrading 
their FreeSWITCH installation binaries without dropping all current calls?

So far I have been upgrading in the dead of night, after pausing for 5 
minutes then dropping the stragglers, but this is hardly ideal.

What I would like to do is to run an upgraded instance of FreeSWITCH on 
the same machine, and have it handle all new call packets, whereas the old 
instance continues to handle the existing call packets, until there are no 
more old calls left.

I can think of about seven ways to accomplish this, but before I dive into 
the code I thought I'd better ask what everyone else has been doing :)

(The only standard way I can think of doing this is to have a SIP proxy 
sitting in front of FS the whole time, just to handle these upgrade 
windows. It seems like a bit of a waste.)

So how are you handling your FS software upgrades?


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