[Freeswitch-users] Can Freeswitch + LAMP run on 128MB RAM?

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Mon Jun 1 06:02:22 PDT 2009

Fred-145 wrote:
> Hello
> Atcom's IP01 unit (www.atcom.cn) can be expanded to have 128MB RAM and 1GB
> NAND flash. Before I go ahead and check, would someone know if a minimal
> Linux + LAMP server* + Freeswitch can run OK with this amount of memory?
> Thank you.
> * I think I'll trade MySQL with Firebird, to avoid buying a license for my
> commercial application
I don't know any free telephony project which will build and run on an 
IP01, except the ones which have specifically been adapted for the 
Blackfin. If you look at www.rowetel.com or www.astfin.org you will find 
versions of Asterisk which have been adapted for the IP01.

Nobody has yet adapted Freeswitch for the Blackfin, and they probably 
won't. The Blackfin lacks an MMU and cannot run Linux - it runs uCLinux, 
which is a cut down Linux for machines of this type. It is quite 
troublesome to get memory management to behave sanely on a machine 
without an MMU. The Asterisk adaptions for the Blackfin have problems 
with this too, but if you don't let the memory become too fragmented 
they work OK.

The lack of floating point hardware in the Blackfin, and a number of 
other embedded processors, can also cause performance issues. The core 
functions of Freeswitch work reasonably well with emulated floating 
point, but some things, like the FAX engine, are really too slow to be 
very practical until more of the code is adapted to provide a fixed 
point version.


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