[Freeswitch-users] Truncated voice mail, FreeSWITCH or GFS?

Marc Lewis marc at avvatel.com
Sat Jan 31 11:02:36 PST 2009

Running on trunk version 10295 as well as 10207, 10146 and 10067.

The problem is with some voicemails being truncated between 8 and 35 
seconds into the recording.  This is when the person leaving the message 
is actively speaking, FS simply stops recording and processes the 
message (i.e. saves it and possibly emails it).  Nothing is different in 
the logs for these messages from the ones that save normally, in other 
words, I can't seem to find a pattern at all.

This is in a clustered environment with the FS nodes writing directly to 
fibre attached storage and using GFS as the shared storage filesystem. 
There are only 4 nodes all P4 2.8 or 3.0GHz Xeon's in this cluster and 
they don't have a huge load.  They're all running stock Centos 5.2.  The 
only task this cluster has is to run FS and the supporting web and 
database servers that go with it.  The FS processes run exclusively on 
the node.

Has anyone else seen this problem with voicemail?  If not, I'm thinking 
that the problem may be with GFS, either timing out or prematurely 
closing the file.

I'm in the process of testing trunk version 11543, but since the problem 
is intermittent I'm not sure if thats going to fix the problem.  I'm 
primarily  interested to see if anyone else is encountering similar 
issues with truncated voicemail to know if its my cluster.

 - Marc

Marc Lewis
Avvatel Corporation

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