[Freeswitch-users] Conference dialing and uuid

Sias Mey sias at cpdata.co.za
Fri Jan 30 02:39:44 PST 2009


Im trying to build a web based conference control system.

Got most of it sorted with some help from the list but I seem to have
run into some strangeness.

I use a conference dial call to pull extra users into the conference.

I couldent find a way of setting channel variables or executing
javascript directly on the conference dial since it expects and endpoint
and the {} syntax produced an error. So now I am using the Loopback
inteface to register some values.

One of the functions these script fullfill is to register the uuid of
the new channel in the database, however after thinking for a while all
of this is working fine upon further testing I found that going through
loopback generated 3 channels. I was saving the uuid of the a leg of the
call to loopback into the database. However to manipulate the call in
the conference I need the uuid of the leg bridgeing to the conference.

I have tried some queries against the core database in via javascript
however there seems to be some delay as to when the needed leg gets
inserted into the channels table. I have tried with execute_on_ring and
execute_on_answer. But I suspect that the call only gets added after it
is actually answered.

Is there some way for me to find the uuid of this call? I can use api
calls via conference list to find all the calls in the conference,
however if two people get added to the same conference in rapid
succesion it will be quite circumstantial as to which one is which since
I dont have a way of directly relating the call back to the channels
that originally spawned it without a lot of costly text comparisons.

Any help from someone who understands this beter than I do will be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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