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Shelby Ramsey sicfslist at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 14:04:40 PST 2009

OK ... Here goes another I'm doing this with AST  ... but I want to move it
to FS.  Searched via google site:lists.freeswitch.org auto dialer and others
... nothing useful.
Today I have a platform for auto dialing with AST (centrally managed ...
about 10 machines) and we do this:
  -- Remote machines query central DB for numbers to call based on certain
  -- Use AMI to generate the call
  -- If call gets answered, extension info queried via rta (central db

The nice thing about all of this is it's relatively easy to manage (through
one central web interface we built) and it works ... the bad part is
reporting ... as anyone knows on this list that has used AST for auto
dialing in this way (via .call or AMI) every call looks like it fails
instead of showing a real cause code.

So ... conceptually I'm trying to accomplish the same thing ...

Today we use FS a lot for termination of VoIP traffic ... all done via
XML_CURL ... which is awesome!

Would like to do something like:
  -- originate request
  -- on answer XML_CURL posts info
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