[Freeswitch-users] mod_g729

Rodrigo P. Telles telles-listas at devel-it.com.br
Fri Jan 23 12:16:56 PST 2009

Hi Dave,

Down here in Brazil, the bandwidth costs is very high (around U$ 400.00/Mb) so it should be valid only for a "non" third 
world country.
G729 and G723.1 is almost a law here, if you don't play at least with G729 your ITSP is out of mark share!

My 2 cents from a third world country.

Rodrigo Telles

Em 23-01-2009 03:09, David Knell escreveu:
> Steve Underwood wrote:
>> Depends what you are after. Speex offers the quality of G.729 at around 
>> the same processing load. However, nobody seems to want to pay for the 
>> processing load of G.729. Almost everything uses G.729A. Half the 
>> processing load, but significantly poorer quality.
>> VoIP is mostly a race to the bottom, and people wonder why it makes no 
>> money for provides. :-\
> And, at the wholesale level, it makes no sense whatsoever to compress calls
> any more: bandwidth is so cheap (and has been for a while) that the loss in
> call quality - especially from tandem compressions - and the increased
> processing requirements and other bits of expense do not stack up.  Case in
> point: we moved a route from G.711 to G.729, and saw the ACD drop from
> over 10 to under 7 minutes.  It was a route to mobiles, so the audio was 
> being
> recompressed with the GSM codec on its way to the handsets.  Economically,
> had we carried on using G.729, we'd have lost about 30% of our margin on
> that route.
> --Dave

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